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Even In Darkness (Between, #3) by Cyndi Tefft
Publisher: Cyndi Tefft
Released: April 1st 2013
Format: Paperback (198 pages)
Source: Giveaway
I thought it was over, that all our troubles were behind us.

We had a fairytale castle wedding surrounded by family and friends. Aiden wore a dress kilt, looking so handsome it made my heart squeeze, and I floated on air in a white version of the ball gown he’d cast for me in Versailles. Flower girl, ring bearer, Scottish ceilidh afterward—check, check, and check. It was perfect.

We were supposed to live happily ever after.

But that was before I walked in to find another woman in his bed, a demon with blood red eyes who’d disguised herself as me in order to get what she wanted most: a child from a heaven transporter.

And it was in that moment—watching my entire world crumble to the ground—that I knew.

This was not over. Not by a long shot.
I cannot describe the sheer awesomeness of this book.

The third book in the Between series, Even In Darkness throws Lindsey and Aiden into a mess larger than they've ever encountered before. Frankly, it's so hard to write this review without spoilers, but I'll give it my best shot.

You see a badass Lindsey in this book and her spunk is completely admirable. Tefft just throws the evilest stuff at Lindsey and she still survives it all. Thrown into a new world and left with almost nothing, it's heartbreaking to see Lindsey so desperate and lost - yet she manages to muster up her courage and do her best regardless of the situation she's in. Her limits are tested, the stakes are high and she has to make a choice - the right choice, or all will be lost. Lindsey's voice is more prominent than ever in this story which was a major factor in keeping me completely immersed into this adventure on the high seas, with pirates and all (I was kinda visualising it Miss-Fortune-slash-Gangplank-style... oh, the League references, LOL).

The romance delivered is Tefft's usual dose of awesomesauce. Even In Darkness is a true test of Lindsey and Aiden's love (and here I thought Hell Transporter was hard enough for them). Then Tefft flings a mega-twist that blows your mind even more than that twist in Between does and I literally spent a good five to ten minutes flipping the pages back and forth to try making sense of it all. When I finally did, I sat back in my chair and thought, Cyndi, you're a genius. 

The ending is totally worthy of the story, and also gives us a peek into what the next adventure might be for Lindsey and Aiden in the fourth book. I so can't wait for it to be out. This is one of the most original series I've ever read and I just wish everyone in the world could experience its awesomeness. I'm proud to be one of Aiden's Angels.


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Cyndi Tefft lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest where the weather is overcast and rainy, much like the Highlands of Scotland. So she was right at home when she got the chance to visit Eilean Donan Castle.

A self-proclaimed Scot freak, she loved every bit about the trip to Scotland: the people, the kilts, the accents, the fish & chips, the haggis...well okay, not the haggis.

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  1. What an awesome review! I am totally impressed that you captured the essence of the book without giving anything away. That's not an easy feat! *fist bump*

    You're a rock star!


    1. Thank you for the compliment! I'm glad you liked the review - it's the least I could do in return for your incredible writing!


  2. Fun and informative post. You've really gotten into the spirit of Aiden and Lindsey! Great job and thank you for participating in Cyndi's blog tour.

    1. Thank you! I'm proud to be a part of this blog tour (:


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