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Welcome to the last day of the INDIGO blog tour, which brings us a guest post by author Fiauna Lund.

Indigo by Fiauna Lund
Publisher: Rhemalda Publishing
Released: 1st September 2013
Format: ARC
Source: Rhemalda Publishing
Seventeen-year-old Brit Kavanagh is hiding something: Just before her mother disappeared, she gave Brit faery wings … sewn into her skin.

When her father’s death forces Brit to leave the only home she’s ever known, danger follows her like a shadow. Catastrophe strikes again and again, and at every turn, she is confronted by the terrifying apparition of an otherworldly banshee.

Desperate to unravel the mysteries behind her wings and the curse of the banshee, Brit turns to Gentry O’Neill, a handsome stranger who knows more than he’s telling. With Gentry’s help, Brit pieces together her mother’s troubled past and discovers the horrifying truth of her own existence.

Her mother gave her wings, but she never meant for Brit to fly.


I am going to make a confession here. A fact that I am not proud of. In fact, sometimes this secret makes me doubt my choice to become a writer. I am not a strong reader. No, I don’t suffer from dyslexia or anything like it. I simply find it difficult to sit down and read a novel from cover to cover. I always have. I suspect I always will. It was this fact that pushed me into writing. When I was young, it was work for me to read a book. I worried I was missing important elements; my mind would wander. Conversely, while writing my mind was a captive audience and every detail of the plot was permanently stored in my imagination.

For me writing offers an escape reading just can’t provide. A wandering mind is fuel for the creative process. When I first started out I wrote mostly religious contemporary fiction. I wanted my readers to wonder if they were, in fact, reading a memoir rather than fiction. But writing about reality can become, well, too real sometimes.

There is something so freeing about asking “What if _____?” Then filling in the blank with your own creation. Just imagine your neighbor hiding a pair of iridescent blue wings under that bathrobe she wears every morning when she comes out to pick up her newspaper. What if the boy down the street who has autism and is unable to speak could read your mind and communicate with beings from another world? How might you view them differently if you knew they were hiding such secrets? Faeries and the Otherworld are appealing to me because they are both endearing and frightening at the same time. In my writing, specifically INDIGO and THE SPRIGHTLING DIARIES before that, I merely asked a what if question and filled in the blanks drawing on the tales others have passed along for centuries.

Fiauna Lund is a grown woman with an overactive imagination, a passion for writing, four children, and the dirty house to prove it.

Reading and writing have always been passions for Fiauna. During her childhood she spent hours exploring the woods of rural western Pennsylvania where she first began creating stories about faeries, pixies, magic, and mystical creatures.

She met her husband, Aaron, while attending Utah State University, and later earned a degree in human services from Columbia College which allowed her to study the uniquely challenged and inspiring people who serve as her collective muse. She now resides in Farmington, Utah. When she's not reading, writing, or running, she spends her time caring for her four adorable children and one rambunctious dog.


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"The world and characters drew me right in. Fiauna Lund had me right from the start." - Elizabeth Mueller, YA author of Darkspell

"Indigo weaves a tragic legend into an intricate, delicious tale. Put wondrous creatures like the fae into an achingly real setting like this one, and you've got real magic." - Michelle Davidson Argyle, author of The Breakaway and Bonded

"Indigo is a must-have for every young adult who loves the fantasy genre. They will be captivated by the mystery, suspense and believable romance that continues throughout the novel until you're left wanting more. Don't miss this new novel by upcoming author Fiauna Lund." - Rachel McClellan, author of the YA Fractured Light series and Confessions of a Cereal Mother

"In Indigo, fans of Aprilynne Pike and Julie Kagawa will discover the next twist in fairy lore-and it's all about the banshee." - Amber Argyle, author of Witch Song and Witch Born

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