The Book Blogger Test!

It's my turn to take The Book Blogger Test! I was tagged by the lovely Chyna of Lite-Rate-Ture (thank you, angelfish!).

"The rules are simple. Answer the questions and tag 5 other bloggers."

What are your top three book pet hates?
  1. Insta-love.
  2. Annoying and/or whiny protagonists in a plot that gradually makes the whole book flop.
  3. Rough handling of books (dog ears, spine-bending, folding of covers—OH, THE HORROR).

Describe your perfect reading spot.

On the living room sofa with a pile of soft cushions. Hopefully I'll be able to add a kitten into the mix in future ;)

Tell us three book confessions.
  1. I have not read The Fault In Our Stars yet, nor watched the movie.
  3. I weaned off of bookmarks quite a few years back, so I get kinda sad if I receive a bookmark from someone. I'm not in the habit of using one when reading physical books and always end up remembering page numbers instead. That said, I'll probably use the bookmark if it's a special and/or exceptionally beautiful one, haha.
  4. The font nerd in me takes the font(s) on the book cover and pages very seriously. If a font catches my eye, I'll go to great lengths to identify and download it into my Mac's Font Book.

When was the last time you cried during a book?

Moonless by Crystal Collier. The heartache is REAL, my fishies—I teared up halfway into the story. Plus this mermaid here is a hopeless romantic (especially when it comes to two deserving protagonists).

How many books are on your bedside table?

I don't have a bedside table XD

What is your favourite snack while you’re reading?

I don't usually snack while reading because I know I'll end up reading instead of munching, so I usually settle for some candy (:

Name three books you would recommend to everyone.
(Me: Three?! Just three?? Aww, starfish... okay then.)
  1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. A contemporary romance set in Paris, of course. This was an incredibly sweet book and I loved how each character was distinct and well-written.
    A bit of trivia: While on holiday in Taiwan, I read Anna and the French Kiss for the first time in a library there and finished it in one sitting (yes, it was in English). A year later, I found myself in the same library and read the same novel again. Loved every minute of it.
  2. Century by Sarah Singleton. I found a copy in the bookstore's Academic Literature section and bought it for casual reading. It tells of one family's dark secret, and a young daughter's quest to uncover the truth and liberate her loved ones from the perpetual winter their house is shrouded in. It has elements of (dark?) fantasy and there were a few spine-chilling moments. It also touches on love and loss. This is a book I will reread multiple times.
  3. I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. This is honestly an awesome sci-fi novel for everyone. It hooked me in from the first chapter and is filled with plenty of action and conflict. I've not seen the movie adaptation starring Alex Pettyfer, though.

Show us a picture of your favourite bookshelf on your bookcase.

This is one of my bookshelves. Each shelf isn't very large, so books in the back row tend to be 'forgotten'. I mostly read library books or ebooks on my Kindle now. My books are slightly shifted here so you can see my Twilight Saga copies – that's to prove my biggest reading secret later! Oh, and six of the books here are autographed (:

Write how much books mean to you in just three words.

My best friends. They aren't just paper with words on them. Books don't judge you, plus they'll always be around. They make you cry and laugh. A book may even save a life. Books helped me stay strong during my dark days at school. Books diverted my attention to different worlds so I could meet new characters and creatures, instead of allowing me to wallow in self-pity. Books were my friends when nobody had my back. It's a debt I'll never be able to repay to my parents for instilling an immense love for reading in me at a young age.

What is your biggest reading secret?

Hmm. What would count as a secret? *rummages through drawer of shells* Ah. I must admit to being a fan of the Twilight Saga. Not the movies – those are so ugh! – but I first read Twilight at age 13 and loved it. I own the books but haven't reread them for about five years. So my secret is that I like the Twilight Saga, and will continue liking it until I reread the series and find something to hate about it (like how almost everyone seems to...!).

Gonna tag these five fintabulous bloggers!

Michelle and Brittany from The Passionate Bookworms
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Manon from Sous Ma Couverture
Zoe from Bookhi

Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to see what these ladies I've tagged have to say! Even if you aren't tagged, you can do the test too—but remember to leave a link in the comments! (:


  1. Haha I secretly like Twilight too!! Tho yes its only for the books not the infernal movies. I've got damn a lot of pet peeves when it comes to reading, haha there ain't gonna cover it. I was planning to do a blog post about it, but didn't really get down to it. Anyway, thanks for tagging me! I'll do it...soonish. :P (haven't accepted these kinda things in awhile..I've been lazy haha)

    PS. And I haven't read Fault In Our Stars too! I don't know, I just...dont really like the story from the reviews and movie trailer. :/ I'll look out for your review tho! :)

    1. You're welcome! You could always do another post with a full list of your pet peeves, haha. That would be quite an interesting read (:

  2. I didn't read the fault but I'm sure I'm going to hate it...john green's writing and I don't get along HAHA

    1. And I thought I was the only one who hadn't read TFIOS yet! It's good to know I'm not alone... XD


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