In My Mailbox #7: Holy carp, it's signed copies of the MERMINIA series!

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Actually, I already have. *uncontrollable sheepish giggle*

If you don't know already, I'm CRAZY. Sea-riously.
As you know, I absolutely adore Merminia, the first book in Emm Cole's amazing series about mermaid clans and wars. And swoon-worthy mermen. *coughARAMIScough* 
Review of said fintabulous novel can be found here if you wish to acquaint yourself with awesomeness.

So imagine my immense delight when Emm sent me both of her books in the series.

Before anything else:
  1. I wasn't expecting this at all! I gave Merminia the love I would give to any book that's earned a special spot in my heart, which includes spreading some serious bookish love. This is something I totally didn't see coming, and a surprise like no other!
  2. As an international book blogger, I don't get many bookish goodies in my letterbox. Us international peeps don't live near major US publishers to receive physical ARCs for review, nor do we have many local YA book events to attend (well, for me, at least). Our eyes light up every time we see an international giveaway, because let's face it – shipping prices can be a pain in the mer-ass for those hosting such giveaways. And we understand that. Of course, there's always the lovely Book Depository to help out but generally, what I'm saying is that it's just different if you're an international blogger. That's why I'm always so flippin' excited about anything that literally lands in my mailbox.
But. This post isn't to gripe or complain! I'm trying to illustrate my sheer joy for having received a series I love from a talented author (:

Okay. Photo time!

I'm so stoked about getting to review Keeping Merminia in paperback. And it's thicker than Merminia too, so that means I get to see more of the characters! ^~^


Isn't that just sweet?! I feel so blessed and honoured to know about the world of Merminia through your writing, Emm! Thank you so much for sending some major author love all the way to Singapore! I truly appreciate it <3 

Don't know who the gorgeous Emm Cole is? Well, time to rectify that! You can find her at these links: 

And while you're at it, do grab a copy of Merminia for yourself! Trust me, it's the best thing since sushi ;)



  1. Aah, I'm so excited for you! I've never heard of this series before but I'm sure gonna check it out :)
    Anyway, I love the section about that international blogger problem. I can relate 100% to this issue and I'm so glad you put the problem into words. I always freak out when I receive a physical book from somewhere in the world in my mailbox..I always feel ridiculously special and it's just not the same as receiving e-arcs for example. :D Oh, and the gifs you used are so freaking hilarious!

    1. Yes, it's just not the same as getting eARCs! Can't do much about it, but I guess the upside is that we always appreciate physical books in the mail (:

      Haha, gotta love GIFs! They never fail to express how I feel ;)


    It's always fun when authors show their love like Emm Cole did to you! And even though I haven't read her books, I'm sure I will love them as she sounds absolutely amazing in this post. :D

    -Kat from Perusing Bookshelves

    1. Yes, yes and YES. I am so grateful for authors like her. I just finished reading Keeping Merminia and I stand by what I said: this series is seriously amazing ;)

      Thanks for stopping by! <3


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