Top Ten Tuesday: Authors The Mermaid Has Only Read One Book From But NEEDS to Read More

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1. Marissa Meyer. As mentioned in my previous TTT post, I've only read Cinder and really need to get crackin' on the sequel, Scarlet!

2. Emm Cole. Big (sea) fan of the Merminia series here, my fishies! An absolute must-read, especially if you adore mermaids. I LOVED the first instalment and will be starting on Keeping Merminia as soon as I can.

3. Lauren Oliver. I read Before I Fall and got one of the craziest book hangovers after that. Her books kind of fell off my radar soon after – I think I started one of my mermaid novel-reading sprees and didn't look back. *sheepish grin* She's such a big name now, and I know everyone seemed to love Panic when it was released.

4. Rick Riordan. Yes, yes, I know. I really liked The Lightning Thief, but at the time I read it, the series was unfinished. And you know how I feel about waiting for a series.

5. Elizabeth Fama. I went gaga over Monstrous Beauty, her super dark mermaid novel. She released another novel called Plus One in April this year, a dystopian about Smudges (people who live and work at night) and Rays (those who live and work in the day). Sounds like something I'd want to read.

6. Stephanie Perkins. Looooved Anna and the French Kiss. I'm not one who particularly loves contemporary, but it was a lovely read and I want to check out Lola and the Boy Next Door, as well as Isla and the Happily Ever After.

7. L. A. Weatherly. Read Angel when I was 15 and the trilogy had not been finished. It's completed now, but I haven't caught up with it yet!

8. Carolyn Turgeon. Mermaid was such an interesting new spin on the classic tale of The Little Mermaid. I'm interested in her other retelling of Rapunzel, The Fairest of Them All (I hear that Rapunzel turns out to be Snow White's evil stepmother!).

9. George Orwell. I did Animal Farm in Lit class when I was 14 and loved the historical references to Russian politics. Might try reading 1984 sometime!

10. Aimée Carter. I read The Goddess Test a couple years back. While it didn't blow me away, I think I'll re-read it and maybe finish the series.

What's on your list? Leave a comment below, and thanks for stopping by! (:


  1. I adored Lauren Oliver's other books and can't wait for her new ones to be released! Definitely give them a try if you loved Before I Fall (I did too!). I really want to read Plus One too, and I agree with Aimee Carter- Pawn was SO good! Great list :)

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  2. I didn't know Carolyn Turgeon had another novel! I read Fairest of Them All and I thought the way she spun the story/interlocked the traditional characters was REALLY interesting. And I highly recommend 1984, it's one of my all time favourites :)

    1. That sounds so Carolyn Turgeon, if you know what I mean XD All that spinning and interlocking is what she does best, I think. Definitely looking forward to Fairest (:

  3. Oh yes, Scarlet is good and I liked Cress even better! I like it reading the whole series at once too. Riordan's Heroes of Olmpus is now all out too! :) There's nothing wrong with binging the kind of books you love!

    Most of the authors I've only read one book by are the ones who have only one book out. (I'm a series completionist.) I should read another Gaimon book though, since I really liked Stardust. (And Good Omens, but that was a co-authored book)


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