In My Mailbox #2: How To Be A Mermaid and more!

Welcome to In My Mailbox (IMM)IMM is a weekly meme created by Kristi @ The Story Siren which features books bought/received in the mail, borrowed from the library as well as other awesome book-related goodies in your mailbox.

This week, I'm positively quivering with excitement to share what I got in the mail!

Author Raina Mermaid
On 1st December last year, I ordered my very own copy of "Fishy" Business: How to Be a Mermaid by Raina Mermaid. Raina has always been an inspiration to mermaids and mermen around the world (and me as well) on MerNetwork with her journey to becoming a professional mermaid. She also has an incredibly vast knowledge of the mermaid industry. "Fishy" Business: How to Be a Mermaid narrates her mermaid journey (which makes it sort of like the autobiography on the fishy aspect of her life) and dishes out some fins of the trade, regardless of whether you're looking to make a splash in the mermaid business, learn more about us mers, or just wanting to experience a little of the mermaid magic ;)

"Fishy" Business: How to Be a Mermaid by Raina Mermaid
Publisher: Raina Mermaid (on
Released: May 2013
Pages: 160
Dive into the world of professional mermaiding with Raina Mermaid! In her first book, Raina details how she transformed herself from an unemployed educator into a living, breathing, performing mermaid! Read her interesting narrative of her mermaid journey and how she turned it into a performing business! This book is ideal for anyone who'd like to become a mermaid and turn it into a business, to gain insight into the bustling mermaid community, or who appreciate an interesting tail.... ​
So make a splash with Raina, and learn all about "Fishy Business". Foreword by "Mermaid" author, Carolyn Turgeon.
I'm so relieved to have received my copy on the morning of the day I was about to go overseas (you know, post-office complications and stuff if I'm not in the country). I can't wait to dive into this book, but I've got that reading pile... 

Oh, starfish.
But no matter. I'm determined to get this book reviewed this year!

You can find out more about "Fishy" Business: How to Be a Mermaid on Raina's blog, in an interview with author Carolyn Turgeon (author of Mermaid: A Twist On The Classic Tale), as well as the book's official site!

Raina has a degree in child and youth development, her bachelor of education (elementary), teaching license, and ECE certification. In May 2013 Raina published her first book "Fishy" Business: How to be a Mermaid. Raina also appeared on CBC's This Hour has 22 Minutes in 2013. Raina has been appearing in music videos from 2012 onward, and has done loads of public performing. 

Raina lives in Halifax with her merwrangler of 6+ years, Sean, and their adopted old kitty – Chicklet. Chicklet likes to sleep on Raina's mermaid tails and protect them. When she's not a mermaid, Raina enjoys playing guitar, singing, photography, getting outside, going to movies, reading lots of books (mystery books are her favourite) and spending time with her friends and family. Raina has big goals for Halifax Mermaids and is enjoying the time she gets to spend with her mer-girls. 

Connect with Raina: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

Click here to get your own copy of "Fishy" Business: How to be a Mermaid!

Also in the mail...

The front... and back of the postcard~
A beautiful postcard from Eggplant Literary Productions featuring the cover art of Spellbound Magazine's Giants issue, signed by cover artist Karen Ann Hollingsworth! I won it in a giveaway at Word Spelunking, hosted by Aeicha. I was pleasantly surprised when Aeicha contacted me saying I was a winner, as I totes hadn't expected it (:

So that's what I got in the mail for December last year! What have you received in your mailbox? Comment below with a link to your IMM post and I'll swim over to have a look!


  1. Here is a link to my review on Goodreads.


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