In My Mailbox #3: A Special Gift

Welcome to In My Mailbox (IMM)IMM is a weekly meme created by Kristi @ The Story Siren which features books bought/received in the mail, borrowed from the library as well as other awesome book-related goodies in your mailbox.

On Tuesday night last week, I came home from French class to my dad telling me I had something in the mail. I immediately got super excited until he handed me a letter addressed to me from the bank.

Me when I saw the bank letter.
"Daaaaad, you lied," I grumbled. "You knew I was expecting something other than that." There was a one-second pause and then he burst out laughing, saying that I had indeed received something other than the bank letter. Anyway, I gobbled up my dinner as fast as I could and zoomed in eagerly on the package. It'd made it here, all across the way from Canada!

My awesome Twitter friend Megan and I had decided to mail out gifts to each other for the festive season last December,  but postponed it because I wouldn't be in the country for Christmas and therefore wouldn't receive it in time. It was exhilarating, doing this. Megan and I have never met each other in person before but we both share a great love for Young Adult novels. She's also a very dear friend and a talented writer and I wouldn't have met her if not for the Twitter book community. I'm just pretty amazed at how someone thousands of miles away, whom you've never met, can be a better friend than the people you know in person.

Megan had asked me if I preferred necklaces or bracelets, and I'd replied the former (I do love both, though!). I knew she would be sending me a letter along with the gift, but I really wasn't prepared for what I found in the package I received!

So there was this beautiful envelope...

... with a handwritten letter and greeting card with a mermaid on it! I just adore handwritten letters (: The letter's not in this photo but you'll get to glimpse it later.

There was also an adorable box (:

Inside it...

My reaction when I saw it:

It's just too perfect. It's gothic yet classy, with a touch of vintage to it. I've seen similar necklaces on Etsy and other online stores, but none with mermaids, and there I sat completely speechless at the my necklace with a MERMAID on it.

And here's everything together!

Just a couple more photos!


I just LOVE how snobbish the mermaid looks! You've outdone yourself, Megan – I've never had a more gorgeous necklace!

I'll put just one photo of me with it on for this post. The other is on my About Me page ;D

Oh, one last thing (: Megan, your letter is amazing. YOU are amazing and I heart you. I'm thankful to have met you and I really appreciate how we've stayed friends. You're a complete stranger I haven't met at all before, but I can totally feel your warmth from across the ocean in Canada. I hope we'll meet one day; you're someone I won't forget so easily. Thank you girl <3

You can catch Megan at her blog and on Twitter – have I mentioned that she loves books as much as I do? Oh, I have? Haha.

So that's it for IMM! What awesome bookish goodies or gifts have landed in your mailbox this week? Leave a link to your post in the comments below so I can swim over! (:


  1. So Pretty! Perfect for you :D My Blog partner got me a necklace for christmas as well! I will have to show a pick later :D It has my favorite bookish quote " Books are uniquely portable magic." I reacted just the way you did! haha happy late christmas! ~ Chelle

    1. Oh, I do so love that quote by Stephen King! Hope to see some pictures soon (:


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