About The Mermaid

Why hello there, wonderful human! I see that you have decided to learn more about the half-human, half-fish creature behind this blog, so welcome to my little grotto of book madness.

I’m your 19-year-old, resident Mermaid who goes by the name of Sherlyn. Many have mangled and misspelled this moniker, but I am still glad that my parents did not name me Valerie. If your parents named you Valerie and you happen to be reading this, please know that I have nothing against you.

I live in Singapore, the land of eternal summer—courtesy of our dear equator. The tropical weather is lovely, but I particularly detest the hotter months. Paired with the humidity, everything is reduced to a boiling mess. So I simply adore days when I can curl up with a book and have raindrops dancing across the window.

Apart from reading, I get along fin-tastically with my camera in my never-ending bid to capture life's precious moments (and books). I love anything Disney and am a proud Gryffindor on Pottermore. I am Piscean, which means I can probably read your mind (nah, I'm just pulling your fin leg). I also enjoy watching ABC’s Once Upon A Time and attempting to prevent whatever is left of my beginner français from evaporating (the intermediate class never kicked off at school because a substantial number of human beings decided not to sign up for it). My most recent hobbies include photomanipulation, painting with watercolour pencils and hand-lettering.

As you can probably tell by now, my social life consists mostly of hanging out with cetaceans and fictional characters. I also tend to overuse parentheses and fish puns. I will usually pick nursing a book hangover at home over going shopping or to a party (read: introvert). Sometimes I think I may have lost my barnacles, but someone once told me a secret: All the best people are.

(If you get that reference, you totally deserve a kelpcake!)

About Mermaid With A Book
I'd wanted to start blogging ever since I joined Twitter in late 2011 and saw book bloggers, authors and publishers connecting with each other over books they love. At that time, school didn't allow time for a blog at all. When I graduated and started thinking about launching one, I didn't know what to call it! To cut a long story short, I merged my love for both books and mermaids and decided that I wasn't really that girl with a book anymore... and voilĂ , Mermaid With A Book went live on the morning of 26 June, 2013!


Alyssa said...
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Sherlyn said...

Thank you! It's great to meet a fellow Pisces. Your blog is amazing as well! :D

Alyssa said...

Thanks! It's nice to discover new blogs (just like me). And just like the description about yourself, I too, am not to be trusted with a credit card. That's why my parents won't allow me to have once since they know that I'll only spend it on books. :)

Sarah said...

Your blog is so adorable, I love the mermaid theme <3

Sherlyn said...

Aww, thank you Sarah! :D

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